DESIGNER: Mitchell Wilson



We have been providing expert tailoring and custom design services and clothing repairs in Crocket, California for over 20 yrs. We offer proffessional tailoring services for both men and women. Our tailoring services include expert repairs and alterations to your exact specifications.


We work with clients all over the world to help bring your fashion ideas to life. With a full design service at our fingertips, we help with strategic direction and creative direction, right through to garment development – and everything in-between... Fashion brands, high street names and designers use us.


Whether your company is fashion forward or delivers tried and true designs, apparel marketing is key to achieve success in the competitive apparel and clothing market. Whether you design clothing or provide apparel for other companies, it is important to market your brand and have a strong online presence. Through choosing G-INFINITI, we will ensure that you have all the key components for a successful marketing campaign.


G-INFINTI: 1326 Pomona St, Crocket, CA.
(510) 787-3039

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